Empty Places Loops – Geoffroy de Crécy

Empty Places © Geoffroy de Crécy

What happens when we abandon our automated landscapes, leaving them to perpetually continue in their motions? Animator Geoffroy de Crécy created a series of short animated loops depicting how these deserted spaces would continue to live on. Focusing on the machines we have created to make our lives easier, the machines in their loops seem very obsolete, almost sad looking. The rolling sushi counter presents us with a continuous flow of perfectly presented plates, waiting to be picked up by the absent customers.  Elevators and escalators are plagued by cans that keep them going, whilst the ski lift moves in circles, waiting to transport someone to the untouched ski slopes. These empty places show just how we have defined the landscapes and how redundant they would become without us in it.

Still, Empty Places © Geoffroy de Crécy


After learning 3D at the video-game maker Ubisoft, Geoffroy de Crécy began his directing career in animation with the music video “Am I Wrong” for his brother, Etienne de Crécy. The video won awards and paved the way for him to start working in advertising for major brands such as Guinness, Fanta, Fedex, Kellogg’s, Carambar, among many others. Regardless of the format, Geoffroy is interested in creating characters and telling stories using technology, and he’s constantly exploring ways to apply and combine techniques of traditional animation, stop-motion, mixed media, and 3D.