Mads Holm: About Common Ground

Recipient of the Danish Embassy Art Prize, young art photographer Mads Holm, is opening his year-long exhibition of photographs entitled “About Common Ground” on Thursday 17 March 2016 at the Danish Embassy in London.

“I am deeply interested in human life and creation, how we have structured ourselves on this planet and how the structures affect our behaviour and interaction along with the conflicts and frustration they cause. It is also important for me to properly look at how things look, and the camera fits perfectly with that curiosity and desire to explore.”

(Mads Holm)

Each year Danish arts students in the UK can submit work to the Danish Embassy Art Prize. The winner will be selected on the basis of advice from an external professional visual art panel. This year the panel members are Marie Nipper, Senior Curator at Tate Liverpool; Mads Damsbo, Di- rector of Brandts Art Museum; and Barry Phipps, Director of Visual Art, The Møller Centre and Fellow, Churchill College, University of Cambridge.

The Danish Embassy Art Prize was the first prize or exhibition Mads applied for with the material from About Common Ground so winning the prize was an incredible recognition of the project.  Mads is also working towards his degree show at the Glasgow School of Art in June with the same project.

A System 2015 from the series "About Common Ground" © Mads Holm
A System 2015 from the series “About Common Ground” © Mads Holm

The exhibition is open to the public until March 2017 by prior appointment only.


Mads Holm
Mads Holm

Mads Holm was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1990. He studied photojournalism and documentary photography in New York before he began a BA(Hons) degree at Glasgow School of Art where he graduates from this summer.

About his own work as a photographer, Mads writes:

“I like to think of the camera as a tool for investigation. Photography is my way of making notes of the world surrounding me and aspects of contemporary society with which I am concerned, but also a way to explore and express my fascination with what I encounter.