Not just ink and paper – Mustashrik

© Mustashrik
© Mustashrik

We’ve stumbled upon the work of this amazing artist, Mustashrik. He is an incredible illustrator and animator whose work is compelling and elegant. He collaborated with GBaldwin&Co and created stunning “herbal artwork“.


Mustashrik’s body of work is varied and surprising, from a video of him climbing the Mount Kilimanjaro while drawing on a Heineken poster to beautiful animations for fashion houses such as Chloè and Louis Vuitton.

ABOUT Mustashrik

© Mustashrik
© Mustashrik

making films, creating animations, manifesting art.

As a director of both film, animation and design, my work is eclectic in method and approach, with the focus on always accomplishing the highest level of appropriate aesthetic – created meticulously through intelligent design, reaching something memorable and unforgettable.

With a background education in fine art, graphic design and psychology, creative approaches applied always consider what’s truly best suited for the client, brand and/or product target audience by maximising it’s communication with a distinct visual direction. Therefore, I strongly believe what I bring is vision, and that a unique vision is everything in this vast and over-populated medium of visual storytelling.

For me, it all starts, and always will, with a pen and paper, cup of  coffee, and a cinnamon bun.

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