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Fractal State of Being was originally made by Sara in a Moleskine and started as an artist book in 2012. After much interest and a personal wish of sharing the book not only in galleries, it has been reproduced (1/1 to the original) and published by Journal. It was released last August. The book was headhunted at the book-art fair Freeze in Amsterdam, by Todd Hido (Moma NYC) and by him added to the list of nominated books to the Paris Photo-Aperture Photo-book Awards for the 1st Book prize 2014.

1st edition, 500copies, 2014, Journal. Of course the book sold out, see yourself why and enjoy the ride into Sara’s thoughts and process!

“The sketchbook has always been used to study and learn from nature. Mine is a physical form of my thoughts, an aquifer of ideas and meditations of the world as I experience and learn from it. It is where my psychological truth takes form and manifests. To study patterns in nature and draw them small and concentrated gives me time to digest and meditate on the forms, shapes and expressions they give. Abstract forms are fascinating because they are not familiar to us and therefore when presented or seen -we have to accept them. This enables us to feel what we see, rather than the need to concretize or recognize. In this project I investigate emotions, which do not have a physical shape. I use familiar and unfamiliar forms and patterns in nature; micro cosmos, water, skin and hair are used to investigate their physical and psychological expressions. Printing and drawing on and with my own body gives me the experience of edges between the objective and the mental world. By experimenting with my own emotions I perform for, collect, edit and re-edit my work. Individually my photographs are representations of a thought, idea or truth I stage to collect and re-use.”

Sara Skorgan Teigen

A copy of the original sketchbook


Sara Skorgan Teigen
Sara Skorgan Teigen

Sara Skorgan Teigen (1984, lives and works in Oslo, Norway) She studied at Fatamorgana, The Danish School of Art Photography, Copenhagen (2008/09) and the ICP, International Center of Photography, New York, General Studies (2011/12). She has exhibited internationally at galleries in USA, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Participations in group exhibitions include Tabula Rasa (Anouk Kruithof, Sara Skorgan Teigen & Sonia Thomsen), CPW, The Center of Photography Woodstock, New York (2014), Marseille vu par 100 photographer´s du monde, Bibliothèque dèpartementale des Bouches-du-Rhône, Marseille (2013), Nordic Dummy Award / Various side of photography, Fotogalleriet, Oslo (2012), My truth, Your truth, The Rita K- Hillman Gallery, New York (2012). Rewind Forward, Copenhagen Photo Festival 2011, Copenhagen (2011).

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