Maky Di Vita

Maky is a freelance fashion stylist, designer and editor. Her passion for music, film, art, photography and design always has an input in her creativity and inspiration. Born in Brazil and raised in Argentina, she graduated from Buenos Aires University - F.A.D.U. with a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design. Along with her studies, she attended courses at Parsons and FIT, workshops and internships to expand her knowledge in fashion styling, photography, screen-printing and print pattern design, among others.

In 2008, she moved to New York City to start her career in the fashion industry. Working on improving her skills in different fashion markets, she was part of the organization of Yoana Baraschi's presentation at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York and trade shows such as Intermezzo and Coterie. Additionally, as a freelance fashion stylist, she has worked on coordinating fashion shoots, contributing with: Photographers, PR Agencies, Model Agencies, Showrooms, Fashion Designers, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Art Directors & Creative Directors. Most recently, styling a photo shoot for Material Girl Mag, London.
Currently traveling the world as a member of Tame Life, a group of artists, fitness instructors, filmmakers and adventurers, she will be searching for new trends in fashion, design, fitness, nutrition, keeping herself and others inspired through video and photography productions, art and styling.

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