Creating the youth culture bible

“We wanted to bring youth culture back into people’s daily lives.”

© Gavin Watson

The Subculture Diary is a youth culture bible in your pocket. Illustrated with iconic subculture photography, the Subculture Diary brings the power of social history into your daily life through daily facts, bizarre moments, anniversaries, fashion milestones and a worldwide festival schedule built right into your A5 printed planner. Whether you were a punk, mod, or nu raver, celebrate your mark on the world every day with The Subculture Diary.

“We wanted to bring youth culture back into people’s daily lives. For the first time we’ve taken our archive of over 100,000 youth and subculture photographs and curated a youth culture diary that spans decades and genres.

As we began researching and mapping out subcultural and countercultural dates such as festivals, fashion landmarks, riots and changes in law like the criminal justice act, it became clear that we can tell youth cultures story in an all-encompassing way. By mapping out dates from the past alongside upcoming events, exhibitions and festivals, the diary brings the present into context with the past, keeping us connected to our creative roots. At YOUTH CLUB we believe in youth culture as a catalyst for self-expression and creativity in society. Working towards our mission to open London’s first Museum of Youth Culture, projects like The Subculture Diary help promote the significance of youth culture within society and raise awareness of its ability to inspire and inform of daily lives.” – YOUTH CLUB

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YOUTH CLUB is a not-for-profit organisation working to preserve, share, educate and celebrate youth culture history through a passionate network of photographers and creatives. We celebrate youth culture through curated events, exhibitions, collaborations and consultancy. At YOUTH CLUB, we believe in the power of youth culture heritage as a catalyst for creativity, self expression and connecting communities. We have observed a continual and growing demand for youth culture to be preserved, shared and ultimately celebrated – connecting the past, present and future generations. YOUTH CLUB works towards its goal to open the world’s first Museum of Youth Culture in London.