Mechanics & Crustaceans with Steeven Salvat

© Steeven Salvat

“I don’t place the gears randomly. Instead, I try to generate a layout that might possibly work as a mechanism.”

– Via Adobe cREATE magazine

Mechanical/Biological Crustacean Study

These new drawings are entirely done with 0.13mm rotring on homemade paper coloured with tea, which gives them an ancient and authentic look.

This personal project is inspired by old biological studies. It’s composed of 10 original crustacean drawings, half shells, and half mechanics. Each piece took me at least 30 hours work – three months work, one time-lapse that shows the making, lots of process pictures, a GIF and one surprise! The biggest difficulty when drawing gears is to generate a layout that could possibly work. Once the outlines are done, filling the shades and creating depth is easier.

The font used on the final drawings is a handcrafted one, done specifically for this project. I’ve drawn each letter and symbol. Then scanned it. You can download the font for free here.

– Steeven Salvat

© Steeven Salvat

                                                 ABOUT Steeven salvat

French artist Steeven Salvat has long been fascinated by the clarity and exactitude found in old biological studies. His portfolio is brimming with such renderings, usually with a modern twist such as this stunning series of decorative drawings on skateboard decks. For this new series titled Mechanical / Biological [Crustacean Study] , Salvat imagined intricate clockwork mechanisms that might animate the rigid exteriors of crabs, lobsters, and crayfish. The 10-piece collection was drawn entirely with a 0.13mm rotring technical drawing pen, the process of which he captured in a video below. (via Colossal Submissions)


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