There is a new duo in Milan: Studio Ianus

“Ianus is the God of Beginnings, and for us is the start of a new challenge”

This is where the two founders found inspiration for the opening of Studio Ianus, an independent studio based in Milan, born from the meeting of two creative souls. Founded in 2015 by Stefano Agabio and Stefano Pietramala, Studio Ianus specialises in illustration, animation and art direction for branding, packaging, editorial design and advertising.
Stefano & Stefano, both born in 1988, are two sides of the same coin.

Their style is unique: the use of light and dark shading, bold colours and grainy surfaces fill the space with geometrical shapes. These appear in a variety of playful compositions, patterns and almost surreal-like atmospheres. We are particularly fascinated by their work and the overall juxtaposition of modern and vintage impressions.
Their strength resides indeed in their well compensated duality.

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                                                 ABOUT studio ianus

Stefano Agabio is a self-taught animator, with previous experience in advertising agencies, where he had the opportunity to work with many important brands. He defines himself as a communication designer. He is also passionate about photography. He found his half, professionally speaking, in Stefano Pietramala, who is an editorial illustrator, that was lucky enough to work for Il sole 24 ore, the New York Times and the NewYorker (just to name a few).
The combination of illustration and animation, is the heart of the studio. That’s where the name IANUS comes from, the Roman God Janus, usually depicted as having two faces: one looking at the past (illustration) and the other to the future (animation).