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ABOUT Carolina Diez-Cascon

Carolina Diez-Cascon (Barcelona, 1985) is a fashion designer. After studying fashion design and textiles, she developed her personal style focusing on the relationship and interaction between art and fashion. She gained significant professional experience working alongside designers such as Custo Barcelona, Jean Paul Gaultier and Jeremy Scott, and retail brands such as Zara Woman and Mango. In 2007 she created her own label, Factoria Rent Me, as an artistic project. 8 years later, following an extensive experience in independent fashion, she moved to Bali and started her most mature project as a market fashion label, Echo 77. Her new women’s fashion brand, which currently specializes in dresses, is created and inspired by the spiritual power of the island of Bali.

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Hello Carolina ! Where are you writing from? What do you see outside your window?

I am writting from Canggu, my home in the magical island of Bali. I look out the window and a cow starts to look at me, naively. There are dozens of them, and exotic birds are resting on their backs. The chants from local ceremonies enliven the scene.

When did you realize that fashion would be your future?

I’ve always been very interested in art but what made me decide for fashion was when, at the age of 17, I sold some fabric bracelets that I used to make as a hobby to an important accessories shop of Barcelona. Then I realized that to see people happy with my designs brought me a big pleasure.

Why the name “Echo77”? What does it symbolize?

It is the address in Bali where my story with the island began.77 is also a number present in my Vedic Astrology chart symbolizing good luck for me. I also lived close to Echo Park when in LA, so everything connected quite well.

“The unique colour palette in its skies and landscape, the variety of flowers… it’s impossible not to feel some sort of inspiration in this island.”

Carolina Diez-Cascon


In what way the island of Bali inspired you creating the label Echo77?

Bali is an island with great spiritual power, full of religious and mystical symbolism. The unique colour palette in its skies and landscape, the variety of flowers… it’s impossible not to feel some sort of inspiration in this island.

This meaningful environment has a strong impact on the label, which is also deeply influenced by Balinese traditional Batiks, reinventing them for the contemporary woman.

What other fashion figures or labels inspires you and why?

I have always been inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier. It was very decisive for me to work with him, he was a revolutionary and marked a shift in women’s style and fashion.

Currently I am very inspired also by collections like Louis Vuitton, Prada or House of Holland.

We live in a world where everything is reproduced over and over, what is the value of original designs?

I think everything is changing a lot nowadays. People used to be mostly worried about getting cheap prices and they didn’t care about having the same clothes as others. Now I believe that many people want to feel identified with the brands they wear in a deeper way, they look for small projects and stories that are similar to their ideals and values, such as environmental or social protection, a specific lifestyle… So it’s not that much only about design.

Good designs will always be reproduced but not the soul of the brand who creates them and I reckon that this point is everyday more transcendent. Therefore I believe It’s actually a time of opportunities for independent and small labels as it is for young artists.

What was the biggest challenge for you in this project?

Bali is a great emplacement for fashion production but is a huge challenge finding the right person for your needs. The demand is very high so sharing contacts is not common and many locals don’t speak much English. So that was a challenge indeed but I truly believe we found the right person.

If one day you were asked to write your biography, with which phrase would you begin?

When I was a kid I wanted to be a Jedi Warrior…

Plans for the future? Will you be looking at producing your line?

We will be with production and design here in Bali and we will travel to Australia, California and Europe for Sales and PR compromises. Also developing our online store to be able to ship worldwide in spring 2016.

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