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© STOOR, Creative Director - Fay Stoor | Director of Photography - William Crakes | Art Director - Matthew Goodrich | Model - Nathalie Herring | Stylist - Aaron Rivera | Make Up - Emilia Adamkiewicz | Music - NEW WAVVES by Keita Juma


STOOR is a New York based clothing brand founded in 2014 by Fay Stoor. Driven by challenging social ideals and influenced by her Scandinavian heritage, Stoor creates essentials with a provocative twist.


Hi Fay, you’re about to launch Stoor, what drove you to start your own label?

I’ve wanted to work with clothing since I was about 14 years old but back then I was only interested in styling, not necessarily in garment construction. I grew up in a very small town in Sweden and I guess I liked dressing in pieces no one else had, which forced me to reconstruct my own garments. I ripped pockets off jeans and put them on my tops instead, did silly things like that! I remember when I created my very first piece from scratch – a halter neck top. I skipped the pattern making part and jumped straight into the cutting and sewing, haha.

About 10 years later, after I completed my fashion design studies in Melbourne, Australia and worked a couple years for a big fashion company in Stockholm, Sweden, I moved to New York, which was a real life changer. It took some time for me to get going with STOOR here but I honestly felt like it was the only thing I could do without switching career paths completely.

What can we expect from Stoor?

Essentials with a great fit and a provocative twist! We’re trying to stay away from dividing the collection into men’s and women’s wear and I would say many pieces are unisex. STOOR will include pieces you want in your wardrobe but you never seem to find when you’re out shopping. I can’t tell you what’s about to come in the future since this is a journey for us as well. I think it will evolve and grow organically as I grow as a person and as the company establishes new grounds. First we need a launch and more platforms to be seen. After that anything can happen!

“Plus I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my entire life. New York is rough! I think that was a key for me to make things happen and get the creative juices flowing.”

Fay Stoor in STOOR Studio, Photo by William Crakes

Art Director Matthew Goodrich in discussions with Fay Stoor (Dressed in STOOR) in STOOR Studio, Garment District, Manhattan. Photo by William Crakes

Stoor is both a clothing and accessories brand, how did it differ designing either and how do they come together?

My background is fashion design and clothing only, but STOOR actually started with the jewelry. It happened naturally as I started making pieces for own use. When people repeatedly asked where I got my jewelry from I decided it was time to start develop the brand. The jewelry pieces were easy; it was way harder to figure out what I wanted to do clothing wise.

The combo ‘clothing and jewelry’ is a very STOOR way of dressing as well so it makes sense to launch the brand with both… Essentials with a great fit and interesting cut, accessorized with jewelry to give some edge.

Everything is produced locally, is there a particular reason behind this?

First of all, it goes well with the values of the band. We want to support local businesses and we also value being in control of the production process. CSR is important to us and we try to stay as environmental friendly as possible in all aspects of the brand.

Second, the STOOR headquarters is located in the middle of garment district in Manhattan so local factories are very accessible and actually within walking distance which makes it possible for us take an active part of the production process.

After working for Gant in Sweden, why did you decide to move to New York to start your label?

I guess I had to remove myself from the boundaries Stockholm and Sweden was putting on me. I felt too comfortable which inhibited my creativity. Every day started to look the same and I was craving more. Although I appreciate and love Sweden, it’s never been a true source of inspiration for me. Everyone looks so good but they all look the same. It’s so trend sensitive that it can become boring. I feel way more inspired on the Brooklyn subway than the Stockholm one where everyone wears the same style trench coat, looks flawless and has the same trendy chia seed pudding for breakfast. Here I come across a greater mix of people – different nationalities, looks and personalities. Stockholm can be very posh. So can New York of course, but at least I have the option to get away from it here. Plus I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my entire life. New York is rough! I think that was a key for me to make things happen and get the creative juices flowing.

“Someone who wants to dress effortless, yet still with an edge. He or she probably feels comfortable in black, haha. “


You recently did the clothing for an Aligns gig, do you see yourself doing other collaborations with musicians?

Absolutely! To me music is the purest form of art and a huge source of inspiration. I’ve always been a big music fan and to work close to musicians is something I value a lot.

What are some of your biggest inspirations?

Like I said, music is a big one! What goes on in society is also very inspiring. To infuse social values and ideals in STOOR as a brand is very important to me. Other than that I would say New York and its’ people, which is very cliché but also very true.

Who is the Stoor customer?

Someone who wants to dress effortless, yet still with an edge. He or she probably feels comfortable in black, haha. I think STOOR will speak to a wide range of people. Man, woman or in between doesn’t matter. You should be able to pick out a favorite STOOR piece and fit it into your own wardrobe very easy.

Fay Stoor discussing STOOR pieces with Stylist Aaron Rivera. Photo by William Crakes.


Favorite fabric to work with

It varies a lot and totally depends on my mood and the design.

First thought when you wake up

Where is my coffee?

Summer or winter?

Summer for sure.

Favorite NYC neighborhood?

I have to say I love where I live right now, Clinton Hill in Brooklyn. The vibe here is what got me hooked. People are genuine and real, less attitude and more love. And a lot of musicians!

Favorite drink?

I’d say coffee in the morning, lemon/lime seltzer water during the day, milk for dinner (I was raised in Sweden where it’s actually kind of normal) and gin & tonic with cucumber at night if I meet up with a friend at a bar.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?

A combo.

When I am 90 I want to be…

… a granny version of what I am now. I’ll probably still wear a lot of black. Maybe I just had a 90 year old crises and dyed my hair purple or something? Either way, I hope I still have things going on and feel inspired and productive.

STOOR Studio in Garment District, Manhattan, New York. From left; Matthew Goodrich (Art Director), Fay Stoor (CEO & Founder), Aaron Rivera (Stylist and Creative Assistant), Photo by William Crakes

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© STOOR, Creative Director – Fay Stoor | Director of Photography – William Crakes | Art Director – Matthew Goodrich | Model – Aaron Rivera | Music by UnKnWn, Mixed by Jacques Barbot