The timeless elegance of LivLov

Livlov SS15


Livlov was born in 2014 from the union of two fashion passionate personalities, Victoria Monasterio and Mercedes Moldes.

Livlov is feminity and love for clean silhouettes, modernity and clasicism, ellegance and nonconformity, style and rebellion, oppossites but complementary concepts. Our brand only produces in Spain, as we claim for the expertise work of textile workshops in our country, artisanal in many cases, as well as a model of ethical and responsible business.

Victoria Monasterio.­Our creative directress is graduated in Fashion and Textil Design from Vigo University -Esdemga-; she began her career presenting some collections at events like the Ego Showroom Cibeles in several editions, South 36-32N or Move Sevilla, as well as exhibiting her work at the Balenciaga Museum. Her work has been echoed at European level, having appeared in fashion specialized media. She is currently combining her creative and technical work with her role as an entrepreneur.

Mercedes Moldes.­
Our commercial directress is graduated in law from the University of Santiago de Compostela, has extensive experience in the legal field but her real passion is fashion. Entrepreneurship and intuitive, she takes part of the creative process, learning new things every day in this wonderful profession.




Hi girls! Congratulations for your first collection! Tell us about the inspiration behind it?

For our 2015 Spring/summer collection we have mainly based on the sea and the bright of the summer lights with its brilliant colours, primarily using light fabrics and relaxed shapes. We live in a very beautiful place where there are many beaches, it is bathed by Atlantic ocean so that has definitely influenced our summer collection.

We also designed a series of nautical prints, like sail boats, nautical charts, and fishing nets.

“we wanted a name that sounded good and was also able to transmit good vibes to our customers.”

This is your first collection together, how did you start collaborating?

We met in a fashion course, we came from very different professional fields but we had very similar aesthetic vision about what we wanted to do, so, after the end of the course we started our collaboration and set up the business.

Is it hard to merge your individual ideas?

Well, we both have very similar ideas about what is the aesthetic we want for our brand and the clothes that we want to make but, obviously, we also have our own points of view, so we have to discuss our ideas and adapt to each other to reach our objectives, but we think it is not really hard to make it.   

Why the name Livlov?

We were looking for the right name for our brand for some months and we got to Livlov making different word combinations; we wanted a name that sounded good and was also able to transmit good vibes to our customers, and we think we achieved our goals with this name.

You live and work in Spain. There is a strong connection between your country of base and your fashion, right?

Of course our culture and environment influences our fashion and our work in general in many ways, it would be impossible to be abstracted from such influence, but in today’s globalized world we also have other influences. We always look at classical luxury brands for inspiration, keeping our own personality, we think that they are the  benchmarks for everybody working on fashion business.

How do you see the role of sustainable fashion in the future?

We think that sustainable fashion is generating a wave of consciousness in consumption that we had not seen before. It is a fashion trend itself that will help people understand the need to stop the system of fast fashion which only gives profit to the largest companies and damages environment. 

Do you have any favourite summer trends?

We love many summer trends and I think we could not choose only one, but we like nautic style and relaxed and boho shapes. 

How do you choose your fabrics?

We make appointments with several factories and fabric representatives and we choose the fabrics that fits best to our ideas about the collection we are going to develop, always giving preference to natural and organic comfy fabrics.

Who is the Livlov woman?

She is a woman between 30 and 55 years old more or less, a professional woman that needs to be well dressed from work to leisure time, she likes the quality designs and the fashion trends, although she adapts them to her personal style, and is commited to responsible consumption. She prefers to have less garments on her closet but with more quality.

Is there any designers or artists that you admire in particular?

There are many designers and artists that we admire a lot, and we cannot choose only one or two, but we are very fond of Alexander Mcqueen, Valentino, Dior…