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Nick Hall
An Island Near Seattle
Three Wild Children
Adventurous Wife
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Hi Nick! How many years have you been in the business?

Six years this year

A british man in Seattle…how did that happen?

I fell in love!

How much time of the year do you spend travelling? What was the best adventure you’ve had?

I spend around 180-200 days on the road each year. I don’t think I can narrow my adventures down to one best one so I will give you two that stand out and are different.
Last summer I shot a short film for a Wild Cat Conservation group in Kenya. We were granted access to a very traditional Maasai Boma (traditional Maasai homestead) for three days on the edge of Amboseli National Park. This kind of permission is very hard to obtain and I feel so lucky to have had this experience. It was my first time to Africa and will go down as one of the most incredible indigenous cultural experiences of my life for sure!
I shot a campaign for an outdoor brand in Jasper National Park in 2013. We canoed into Maligne Lake and had the entire lake to ourselves. It was about -17 degrees Celsius during the day and the water splashes from paddling were freezing on our bags within minutes. Without a doubt one of the top 3 most stunning landscapes I have ever been to.

” I see the world, like many visual artists, in pictures, frames and moments…”

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Do your travels influence your art somehow?

I think travel definitely influences my art. My primary inspiration is landscapes and so experiencing and shooting in different landscapes feeds my creative soul. I also love being trapped in airplanes while traveling. Something about having nowhere to go really gets my creative thoughts percolating. I come up with most of my personal project ideas on planes during the long quite hours I have to reflect.

How do you change your approach between still and motion?

This is a complex question but I think it can be simplified into the following. I see the world, like many visual artists, in pictures, frames and moments, so for stills it is really about which moment captures the narrative in the most visually striking way. Whereas for motion I start from the same place as for stills but my main focus then becomes about how is the frame (or the camera) going to move in away that accentuates the narrative.

© Nick Hall Photography

Recently you’ve been selected for “PDN In Motion”: did you expect it?

This was a complete surprise and I feel so humbled to think that I was worthy of recognition. PDN is a great magazine and being included in their awards is really exciting.

Tell us something about “Decimation”…

Decimation was such a fun project. I decided that I wanted to shoot something that wasn’t all about epic landscapes and people exploring the human-nature relationship. So, the logical thing to do was to put 10 people in a room and try not to leave the room whilst making a story that still felt epic and stunningly beautiful. To that end I think it was successful.

“decimation-official trailer”


What was the project you’ve been involved in that most interested you from a creative point of view?

I am working on a personal project right now that is fascinating to me. The concept is about designers and engineers designing future metropolitan areas to be energy independent and renewable. It combines big landscape scenes, interior lifestyle moments and CGI in a series of images.

When you work on a film, what is your favorite part of the process?

Being on location and working my ass off! It just feels so enriching to physically and creatively exert myself.

Who’s the photographer or cinematographer that inspires you the most?

Cinematographer would have to be the great Emmanuel Lubezki; Photographers: Nadav Kander & Mark Zibert

What would you be today if you haven’t followed your dreams of becoming a cinematographer?

I would be a marine wildlife conservationist or a pig famer. I would like to be a pig farmer one day.

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