Ruslan Khasanov’s Fluid Graphics


ABOUT Ruslan

Ruslan Khasanov (1987) is a Russian-born graphic designer. He specializes in branding, typography, illustrations, videography. He loves to experiment and try new things, creating elaborate personal projects that give him creative freedom. In the beginning of his career, Ruslan tried his luck as a vector illustrator, and several years ago he start to work with typography which led him to analog experiments. His current passion is music videos and video art, and in the future he plans to shoot a feature film. His work has been published in prestigious design books and magazines, and featured in leading online press and shown on TV shows. Clients include Bloomberg, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, GQ, Adobe, and Wired.



Hi Ruslan! The first thing that springs to mind when I look at your work is looking at cells through a microscope. What inspires you?

Inspiration comes from different sources. Nature, micro world, underwater world, outer space… all this I want to explore.

I love to improvise and tone of the work is set in the process.

You work is very colourful, is colour a starting point for you?

Color, shape, motion, all this comes together.

Before, I work with color very carefully, it is very powerful tool and I was a little timid with it. But when I started to experiment with graphics, my work with color has become to look like a chaos, something uncontrolled, something that comes from within me.

The are some photographs with your hands covered in colours, is it quite a messy business?

Oh, yeah, my motto: if you take a paint be ready to stain everything around. But the feeling of the stream that covers you in the creative process makes you forget about everything.

I don’t know, maybe I have a fetish – painted hands, lol, but I like it. Hand is my favourite body part.

I just remembered a lovely scene from «Breakfast at Tiffany’s», when Audrey Hepburn sitting on a windowsill and performs «Moon River». And her slim fingers plucked guitar strings, they looked so charming.


“In my projects I try to extract the beauty from trivial things such as bruises, dust, water drops, spilled paint and ink, skin, sunbeams…”

Ruslan Khasanov


There is a lot of movement in your work, how do you translate that into still work?

I do a lot of stills, and just select the best ones. Selection is an important part of my work.



On your website we are greeted with ‘Beauty Has Everything’ – what does beauty mean to you?

There is a little other words order on my website: «Everything Has Beauty» 

Confucius said: “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

You will never know truly beauty without searching, without viewing from all sides. Beauty without mystery is boring.

In my projects I try to extract the beauty from trivial things such as bruises, dust, water drops, spilled paint and ink, skin, sunbeams…

You do a lot of commissions, how does your commercial work correlate with your personal work?

In the last few years the line between creative and commercial is increasingly blurred, because I try to work on such projects where I can experiment and implement my new ideas. Well, this method does not always work.

I love your handmade business cards, do you actually give those out to people?

Yeah, for that reason I made them.

I always have a couple cards in my wallet.