Up in the air with Bernhard Lang

From "Tulip Fields" ©Bernhard Lang

As part of the relaunch of SilverlakeVOICE we have introduced a new regular feature : Follow Up where we find out what artists we’ve interviewed in the past have been up to recently.
The first in this series is with Munich based Aerial photographer Bernhard Lang. We talked to Bernhard back in 2015, when we first came across his stunning shots of landscapes all over the world. He has carried on capturing these breathtaking sceneries from above, from Tulip Fields in the Netherlands to Fish Farms in Greece. In each series Lang explores different subject matters while maintaining one crucial recurring theme : the relationship between man and the natural world.

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                                                 ABOUT bernhard lang


Photographer Bernhard Lang specializes in Aerial Photography. ?Since 2010 he has been working on his project Aerial Views, photographing numerous sceneries from above, including coal mines, container harbors, and beach resorts. ?For him the aerial view shows the world from a different, unusual perspective. ?He wants to display the impact of human beings on the environment.