What’s your musical background?

The band members are music lovers they play rock and blues and funk and raggae

Does your internationality (Japan-US-Italy) have any influence in your music?

Eh of course it brings everything to the table

Who are the band that most influenced your music?

Frank Zappa


Tell us smthg about ur last album and the collaboration with Systemaddict HYPERLINK

Cuisine Cuisine was a lot musical ingredients. Systemaddict is amazing he knows so much about music he has an amazing ear for sounds,he’s a great influence

What’s next?

New Album!

Where do you record your music?

We record it at the 212 studios



Because when everything comes together everything aligns

The best venue you played at and why?

I think all the Venues where good it really brought something special to the table. Everytime different amazing vibes.. there was always something special in the air!

Use a word to describe yourself


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Do you use social network? Why? Does it help you stay in touch with the fans?

Yeah our fans always keep up with us also due to our network..and our fan base is growing

What do you love most about Brooklyn?

Brooklyn brings everything to the table you’ve got a super mix of all kinds of minds it’s fun to observe and live through

©Eleonora Flammini

Has your style changes from your first project until now?

We only have one big project which is to spread good vibes share our hearts

If you could wish for something you don’t have, what would it be?

More love

Use a word to describe your music


© Caro Patlis


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