AltaRoma – Explore new horizons

“Bound opposites together in a unified tension, which is like that of a lyre, where a stable harmonious sound emerges from the tension of the opposing forces that arise from the bow bound together by the string.”

Altaroma, just ended on the 31st of January, proposed a multitude of visions about how we can define “in fashion”. Definitely the innovation brought by the emerging designers was the core of this edition. Quattromani started the 3 days marathon inside Coin Excelsior concept store. The Massimo Noli and Nicola Frau duo revisited the 70’s inspired lines colouring the women with pink and yellow Pantones, mixing volumes and shape describing a different and new woman.

Quattromani – F/W 16/17

Amongst veterans of the fashion week L72 and Lee Wood shone. Born in Rome and grew up in the Versace maison, arrives in Rome winning the Who’s on next contest. The clean silhouette become the center of the collection through the use of technical fabrics and materials together with the brightness of the colors used. The cleanness and purity of the lines brings us along in a journey without time or gender.

FLM2016001G01290212 copy
L72 – F/W 16/17

Miao Ran, from China, proposes a collection of clean geometries and rich and dense overlap. The Accademia di Moda e Costume opens the second day. Many the capsule collections presented by the students: marmoreal ensemble merged with urban skaters and structural armours. Luca Sciascia right after surprises us. The Turin based designer brings to the runway a woman dressed with macarons and candy colors; a pop and surrealist woman.

Miao Ran – F/W 16/17

In the Ex-Dogana location chosen for the main event, an industrial complex, the shapes and styles of AVANBLANC, BAMS, CATHERINE DE’ MEDICI 1533, GIANNICO make the space alive. Accessories for any taste, anti-conventional inspiration, real wearable art that can enrich the most basic of the outfit.
Many limited collections that together make a unified show is the launch event of TFORTHREE.
Before the end of the show the A.I ARTISANAL INTELLIGENCE walk brings us to “Body for the Dress”. The handshake between body and dress, the connection that people have with the outfit.

FLM2016001G01300873 copy
Luca Sciascia – F/W 16/17

On the cloudy and cold roman Sunday Giuseppe Di Morabito mixes unconventional and art taking inspiration  from Giuseppe Arcimboldi’s flora, both for the tint and shades as for the use of patterns. Far from everything else, Outside Gallery, a project by Annalaura Cannavo’ and Ludovica Casale, build a creative space where fashion and fine art coexist proposing experimental performances and fashion shows. Altaroma this year puts on the front row new talent. The talent that will be the future of fashion and that bring us an opportunity to look forward and explore innovative and virgin horizons.

Giuseppe Di Morabito – F/W 16/17