B.M.C. – Pure Rock'n'Roll


How was B.M.C. born and why this name?

The band started with Alessandro and Francesco who were roommates in Rome. They started playing at home, two guitars and one voice, writing a few songs. Excited about it they start to experiment with music: digital base, drum pieces, loop station. In the end they call Bruno for the drums, Bruno was a close friend of Alessandro and most importantly his musical accomplice. After a year or so and a few live gigs Wolfman Bob’s base joined the band. The name? It comes from an improbable combination of the translated last names of Alessandro and Francesco, Contemagno and Conte. Chances were that BM are also the initials of Bruno and BC of Bob.

What is your musical background?

It’s very diverse, we think it’s also the strenght of BMC. Finding a meeting point without being closed in your own world is the way to make a unique blend. We all come from different experiences and tastes, Bob has a radio show dedicated to rock ‘n roll, punk, soul and brazilian Tropicalismo. Bruno and Alessandro started with punk 77 and then garage. Often in a Dj-set you can listen to   funk, rock’n’roll, beat (and some techno contamination). Francesco has been playing for years in a folk band.

What are the bands that most influenced you?

Such a difficult questions, but if we had to pick some: Velvet Underground, The Stooges, Rolling Stones, Ty Segal, Nick Cave, Wooden Ships…

 “Finding a meeting point without being closed in your own world is the way to make a unique blend.”

B.M.C. ©Fausto Barrica Cantone



How was winning the Arezzo Wave Festival Lazio?

Surprising. We participated without having big expectations, since there are so many musicians running for the award every year. We’ve also listened to a bunch of very interesting bands playing. And then, we gave it all on the stage,  like we try every single time we play live.

Last summer you spent 10 days in a house in Sicily to prepare you next album. How was this experience?

It was for sure one of the most beautiful musical and human experiences we lived together. We are in this villa, at the slopes of the Etna vulcano that inspired entire days of experimentations and creation. During the winter, in a city like Rome, you never have the time or the peace that you can find in a situation like that, naturally it worked. Our next album will have many surprises, with tracks different from each other and a more psych sound compared to the EP. It’s still a work in progress. The goal is to incise on the vinyl all our energy.


Have you written the songs together for the new Album?


Where are you going to record it?

We will record it at the end of October at Gas Vintage Records in Rome.

What would you be today if you weren’t pursuing a career in music?

What we would be or what we are doing in the meantime? We are a young band so everyone of us splits their time between music and work or study. Alessandro is an event manager, Bob a sound mixer, Francesco a college researcher and Bruno studies International Cooperation, together with other important music projects on his plate.

What is the artist you’d want to perform with?

“Rolling Stones, even for 30 seconds.”

B.M.C. ©Fausto Barrica Cantone