Soccer Worship with Case Jernigan

Soccer Worship © Case Jernigan

Zidane’s headbutt, Cantona’s kung-fu kick and Maradona’s Hand of God… Those moments to me are emblematic of how much change occurs in soccer based on singular actions.”

Zidane headbutt, worldcup 2006 © Case Jernigan


Several weeks ago we shared illustrator Case Jernigan’s stop-motion animation A Brief History of Soccer to celebrate the start of the Euro Cup 2016. It has been a hectic several weeks and this Sunday France and Portugal will be facing each other in the final. Speaking about his love for football, Case often mentions those individual magical moments that make the crowd go crazy and create legends of players. Soccer Worship looks at some of those little moments, and the rupture of celebration they can induce. Most are moments of greatness, some not so great, such as the infamous Zidane head butt at the 2006 World Cup. His favourite moment’s are when the player scores a goal with their weak foot, or their off-foot – also the name of the football art collective he started. Case isolates these moments and the simplicity of their greatness, transforming them into stop-motion animations. Seen together, these animations show what it is that many fans love about the sport.


Growing up by the ocean in South Carolina, my brother and I built pathways through the dunes and rocks. We made up games about alligators and pelicans.  My grandfather loved telling stories, and he passed that on to me.  Through drawing and cutting paper, I bring together imagery that is adventurous and funny.  I create big contrasts, through anachronism, scale, color and mark making.  Deepwater fish meet Maradona, Roman centurions clash with New York dog walkers; gladiators, superheroes, footballers, yetis, and kings march to the rhythm of Cheever and Calvino, movie soundtracks and southern folk.  I’m inspired by medieval manuscript painting, detailed storybooks, and the paintings of Cy Twombly.  I create images that offer a pathway or route- a way for the viewer to travel.  I studied classical history and art at the College of William & Mary and painting at the New York Studio School.