Football Frenzy with Case Jernigan

The Euro Cup is kicking off tonight with host country France taking on Romania. To celebrate the month-long competition we turned to illustrator and animator Case Jernigan. A self-confessed football fanatic, or soccer as he says, he has been making beautiful stop-motion animations of some of the greatest moments in football history. Trained as a painter, he started making football doodles a fun side practice. Interested in the sports hero-worship fascination, his work focuses on both the players and the fans. The doodles eventually morphed into animations, and he has since worked together with football teams, sports brands and magazines. The simple animations beautifully capture the essence of the game, and bring to life the passion and excitement that surrounds it. For those of you not too familiar with the game, Case has created an animation about the history of football to get you in the spirit.

“Seeing Zidane’s absolute control on the field, the mastery, the charisma, the stony face – the whole package – and seeing the guts of that penalty when I was travelling, surrounded by all these passionate Italian and French fans, that was a pivotal moment for my interest in soccer.”

Zizou © Case Jernigan
Zizou © Case Jernigan

His work is part of Group Stage, an exhibition celebrating the Euro Cup, at Patterns of Play in London.


Growing up by the ocean in South Carolina, my brother and I built pathways through the dunes and rocks. We made up games about alligators and pelicans.  My grandfather loved telling stories, and he passed that on to me.  Through drawing and cutting paper, I bring together imagery that is adventurous and funny.  I create big contrasts, through anachronism, scale, color and mark making.  Deepwater fish meet Maradona, Roman centurions clash with New York dog walkers; gladiators, superheroes, footballers, yetis, and kings march to the rhythm of Cheever and Calvino, movie soundtracks and southern folk.  I’m inspired by medieval manuscript painting, detailed storybooks, and the paintings of Cy Twombly.  I create images that offer a pathway or route- a way for the viewer to travel.  I studied classical history and art at the College of William & Mary and painting at the New York Studio School.