Chiara Capitani – Following a Dream in the City of Light


Chiara was born in Treviso 30 years ago. After graduating in Political Science she decided to follow her passion for acting and attended C.I.A.P.A., directed by actress Gisella Burinato, who already coached her when she was 14 years old. After graduation she attended the Accademia Internazionale della Cometa in Rome. In 2009 Chiara moved to Paris, the City of Light, where she was part of numerous plays like “En Ballotage” directed by Bonoit Masocco at the Clavel Theatre and was chosen for the protagonist role for the movie “Une braise sur la neige” by Boris Baum, currently in selected cinemas in Paris. In 2012 she directs her first short movie titled “La Feuille Noire”.


A word that describes you:

Enthusiastic – sun – air – sea. I wouldn’t know…

You’ve left Rome to move to Paris six years ago. How was the first impression you had with the city and how do you feel about it now?
First approach was exciting. When you arrive, by yourself, in a new city, without any specific expectations or goals, you become very open to new things. At the same time the first year was challenging, I didn’t know the language and I only had one good friend. Now I feel stronger, and I discovered a new determination and energy inside me  I didn’t know existed.

How did you fall in love with acting? What’s your first theatre memory?

I grew up with the passion for acting. Since I was a little child, at the end of every meal I would get up and force everyone present to be the audience of my impromptu shows. I was the clown to everyone of my sister’s birthday party. The first time I told to my family my true ambition of becoming an actress I was 14. Chances were after only one year I was on the set of my first feature movie. I was 15 when I was chose as the protagonist of “Elena ‘83”, directed by Luca Baglione. A movie about 4 teenage girls sharing tears and laughs during a weekend in the country side. The theatre debut was in 2006 with Bash, by Neil La Bute directed by Silvio Peroni. A beautiful play and was very fun tasting for the first time a tournée.

How did two different realities such as Rome and Paris influenced your acting?

More than the city the people I met had the most influence on my journey. The first person is hands down Gisella Burinato, my first acting teacher. Grotowski and Thomas Richards workcenter was for me an important moment. Together with all the actors and directors I’ve worked with, like Xavier Gallais and Boris Baum. Stefano Scandaletti is the director who I’ve been working with right now, and I can feel it will be a growing experience as an actress for me.

“Every person has hundreds of different aspects, you need to be open enough to look for them, trying not to get too hurt in the process”

CHIARA CAPITANI ©Claudio Porcarelli

You are the protagonist in the play “Ferite d’arma da gioco”, Sarai protagonista in “Ferite d’arma da gioco”, the play is focused on thematics close to the everyday life. Written by the american author Rajiv Joseph, the play has been founded through “crowdfunding”. Tell us more about this experience…

I’ve discovered this script thanks to a theatre producer friend of mine. Since the first read I loved it and I told myself it was worth working to produce it. I’ve involved my friend and collegue Diego Maiello and together we asked for the collaboration of Stefano Scandaletti, actor and director, who accepted the offer with excitement. Unfortunately theatre is becoming quite a forgotten art, financial support is hard to find. Crowdfounding is a great solution for independent artists. It gives the opportunity to find private producers who wants to support independent artists. We’ve obtained, thanks to the approval of the “consulta della cultura della IX circoscrizione Roma Eur” (the EUR neighborhood’s art council in Rome) an artists residency at the Teatro della Dodicesima in Spinaceto, where we’ve been rehearsing the play for 4 weeks now. The opening night will be on May 9th…Fingers crossed


What’s so unique about the character you play on stage?

Clara has a very difficult and painful past, releasing her pain and anger on herself. The only support she has is Diego, her playmate, friend and love. She tries to reject him many times until she decides to find him once again. It’s a very complex character, a mixture of insanity, pain, passion and conflict. The play engages all this aspect with lightness and irony. Fortunately she’s different from me. To understand her better I’ve started from those common experienced we’ve had, feelings I’ve felt that can reflects what she must have felt in her life, even if at a different level. Every person has hundreds of different aspects, you need to be open enough to look for them, trying not to get too hurt in the process

What inspires you in the everyday life?

Everything, sometimes reality surpasses fiction. I observe others in the subway and I have fun imagining the story of the people I glance at. Every experience I had in life, good or bad, I try to take on and put in a figurative case to take out at the right time.

Who is a director you would like to work with?

My dream is to work with Wes Anderson and Michael Heneke, I know they are opposites. Wes Anderson for his excentric staging and fantasy universes he manages to create. Michael Haneke for his human analysis and his complex and daunting characters.

“sometimes reality surpasses fiction”

Chiara Capitani © Anna V.

What’s your favorite movie?

Oh my God so many, “Delicatessen” by Jeunet and Caro, “Les amants du Pont Neuf” by Leos Carax, “Gloria” di Cassavetes, “The Marriage of Maria Braun” by Fassbinder…Lately “Questioni di cuore” by Archibugi, A simple and emotional story, great actors.

Future Projects?

Right after the opening of Ferite d’Arma da Gioco, I was for the whole month of July at the Festival d’Avignon with two plays “Hemlet Machine” and “Quartet” by Heiner Muller. I will play the role of Gertrude, in the first, and Madame de Martuil in the second. Ferite d’Arma da Gioco was very successful and we’ll be at the Teatro dell’Orologio, in Rome, for the 2014/15 season and many other dates around Italy. With the same director of Ferite d’Arma da Gioco, Stefano Scandaletti, we are also working on another performance for Paris, about today’s war. About the sentiment of uselessness that chokes us, especially during adolescence. Our theatrical research is focused on exploring people’s life, through our characters, to let our audience in the same age to understand, find and love themselves more. At the same time the young generation are the audience of tomorrow and we want to captivate and engage them to the work of Theatre, once again.

Are you superstitious?

I am very superstitious. I don’t talk about auditions until I have the response. And before I get on stage I have to sing a song, it helps me to focus, my voice is my little ritual

Do you have an hobby?

My passions are hats! It’s because of my grandma. She gave me a lot of her amazing handmade hats from the 60s and 70s. I love scavenging for rare pieces in boutiques and flea markets. Lately I decided to make my own. I will send you the photos of my latest creations!

“My dream is to become a great actress. The type who never stops growing, interprets hundreds of roles, goes to world tournée, works with directors who can nurture me with their experience”

From the movie “Nostalghia” by Philippe Pacholle