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“My father is my ideal. He never had a rich father to push him up the ladder. He is a self-made man of principles. I have never seen him doing anything wrong against anybody. He always follows his heart, no matter what others think. He has the true sportsman spirit even at 63. He never asked me to join the rat race. He just want me to be human and walk on the side of truth…always!”

Today, to celebrate Father’s day this Sunday, we want to share an inspiring project by Singapore based artist Debasmita Dasgupta.

Debasmita is the Founder of “My Father illustrations”, which promotes girl child rights engaging fathers and daughters through artistic exchanges. She illustrates true stories of fathers who fearlessly fight for the rights of their daughters. Till date she has shared over 150 stories from 38 countries.

But who better to explain to you what My Father Illustrations is all about…


Debasmita scouts for compelling and inspiring Father – Daughter stories, features them online and dedicates an illustration to the duo.


Silverlake Voice_My Father Illustrations_iraq

“Jaafari law would make it legal for Iraqi girls as young as 9 to be brides.”
Today’s #myfatherillustration story is proud of those Iraqi fathers who say #No2Jaafarilaw

Read more about Jaafari Law in Iraq at


In August 2015, Debasmita also introduced a new chapter to her project called “Doodle with Dad”. She partnered with 2 community-based organizations in India and brought together fathers and daughters from underprivileged communities to share their stories and doodle with each other. Through the medium of art, fathers and daughters can have a deeper bond to connect with each other. The first “Doodle with Dad” video is available on Facebook

My Father illustrations is a project under ArtsPositive, a registered non-profit in India.

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