Electric Paper by Bare Conductive

Transform any piece of paper into a lamp with the new Electric Paint Lamp Kit from Bare Conductive.

Makers of any ability can now construct, customise and control three beautiful paper lamps using Bare Conductive’s electrically conductive paint in the Electric Paint Lamp Kit. The Electric Paint Lamp Kit launched on Kickstarter on September 27 and was funded in under 18 hours!

The kit makes it easy for anyone to transform their Electric Paint designs into functional buttons which control the six LEDs on the new Light Up Board as either a touch, dimmer or even a proximity lamp. Paper construction gives users a chance to customise the lamps for use in their home, office or workshop.

The kit comes with everything users need including Electric Paint, the Light Up Board, paper templates and a micro USB cable. No prior experience or tools required.

Bare Conductive is returning to Kickstarter after the successful launch and fulfillment of the Touch Board to 1895 backers who helped the project raise £122,907 in funding.

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About Bare Conductive

Bare Conductive sells its technologies to a diverse consumer community through bareconductive.com and to major corporations for incorporation into their products. The company is widely covered as a rising star of London’s hardware startup scene and as one of the most innovative Printed Electronics businesses in the UK with a recent Mashable UK video reaching 56M views in under three months and over 200,000 units of Electric Paint sold. Bare Conductive was founded in 2009 by four graduates of the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London