India in an Etch A Sketch


“Though it took me some time to replicate the pattern on an Etch A Sketch, I’m sure it took the artisans countless hours to create such beautiful designs.”

Many of us remember using the Etch A Sketch to painstakingly try to draw out our imagination – it turns out there are people out there who are professional Etch A Sketchers! Jane Labowitch recently travelled to India as part of the Intrepid Travel Golden Triangle Tour and documented her experiences on an Etch A Sketch. Her pieces trace some of the incredible scenery in the country.

Jane’s background is in fine art, and as her drawing skills have improved, so have her Etch A Sketch skills. She can now recreate almost any scene on the 80s toy – from portraits to Seurat’s A Sunday on the Grande Jatte. Whilst in India she focused on the intricate designs of India’s most famous architecture, including the Taj Mahal, Amber Palace and Red Fort, as well as the humble Tuk Tuk. The final results are a playful take on India and show that anything is possible on an Etch A Sketch!

About Jane Labowitch

Jane Labowitch, AKA Princess Etch A Sketch, currently resides in Chicago. Jane started playing with an Etch A Sketch when she was 4. In case you’re wondering, she is 24 now. She played with the toy so much in her childhood that she inadvertently taught herself how to properly operate the toy. From that point on her etching skills grew with her drawing skills. While obtaining a BFA in Illustration at the American Academy of Art, she further honed her Etch A Sketch abilities outside of the classroom. Her work has been featured on Reddit, CNN, the Huffington Post, Smosh, Buzzfeed, MTV, the Chicago Blackhawks Blog, the Disney Parks Blog,DeviantArt, I Want to Draw a Cat for You and more. She also won a cool trophy!