FORMS by Anastasia Komarova


Born 29 Aug 1986 in Kaliningrad, Russia, Anastasia studied at the Moscow Architectural Institute (MARHI); obtaining her Master’s degree in architecture in June 2010. After working in architecture from 2008 to 2011 she established the brand Forms in February 2011. Since then she’s been practicing an interior and exhibition designer together with developing and managing Forms.





Hi Anastasia, could you take a selfie and show us what you are up to?

I am drinking a hot chocolate and reading the book “Manhattan Projects” by Samuel Zipp. I started being fascinated by New York from the first time I came there.

Why did you decide to leave the architecture practice? What do you find in fashion that you couldn’t in architecture?

I am still working as architect and interior designer. I hope I will keep that practice because it helps me in both ways. As architect to be more precise in details and as accessories designer to create my designs with architectural sence.

Architecture is a collaborative discipline, do you find this quality in fashion design too? A part from your team, have you ever collaborated with another designer on a project?

That is true, this process is very important for me it helps to get as many broad solutions as possible. I am used to collaborate in my architectural practice but in fashion design I just starting to do it.

You’ve said you often take inspiration from buildings around you, do you have a favorite building or one that inspired you in particular while working on a design?

It is hard to choose the particular building it is even more about the building and its environment altogether. It feels like revelation when you see the building, which suits organically with the environment. Capella in Ranshan by Le Corbusier is the first building which comes to mind.

Tell us about your latest collection and the concept behind it…

The main concept of the new Forms collection is the play, which gives you the ability to wear one bag in different ways. You can manage the way the bag looks according to your current mood and situation. It can be an ongoing process that will allow you to explore new possibilities of how your bags can look like.

© Forms photography by Kati Turkina
© Forms photography by Kati Turkina

Do you think FORMS will be expanding into clothing design in addition to accessories?

I see it mostly like almost clothe but still accessories. It should be something on the edge.

Where can we buy your designs?

At the moment there are several offline shops in Moscow but also we are working on our online shop. Meanwhile we are working with private orders.


Best experience since you started FORMS?

It was during the shooting for new collection.

Biggest challenge since you’ve started this new adventure?

To find good sewers.

Favourite quote?

“Less is more” Mies Van Der Rohe

Favourite material


First thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?

In most cases it is a big cup of hot chocolate

Cold or Warm?


Favourite quote?
“Less is more” Mies Van Der Rohe

Selfie by Anastasia
Selfie by Anastasia
© Forms photography by Kati Turkina