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Call to pledge from "Kickstarter" by Guillaume Lachapelle and Simon Bilodeau

Guillaume Lachapelle and Simon Bilodeau have been invited to present their work during the 56th Venice Biennale...


Let us introduce you to Guillaume and Simon; two artists from Canada who were invited to be part of one of the most prestigious and historical art event in Europe, The Biennale di Venezia. They recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to cover shipping costs for their artwork from Quebec to Venice and back. Check out their video and discover more about the work of these two very compelling artists and their vision.

From the series "Visions" by Guillaume Lachapelle
From the series “Visions” by Guillaume Lachapelle


The non-for-profit art foundation Global Art Affairs invited us to present our work in the exhibition Personal Structures / Time-Space-Existence that will take place at the Palazzo Bembo in Venice from May 9th to November 22nd, 2015. We will be showing our work beside that of some of the most acclaimed artists of our era, including Marina Abramovic, Richard Long, Anish Kapoor and Tatsuo Miyajima.This exhibition will be part of the official program from the 56th Venice Biennale. It is a colossal project and surely the most important one in the collateral program of the Biennale. In the last years, Global Art Affairs have attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors to their exhibitions and their events have been attended by some of the world’s most important art professionals.

The Venice Biennale is the most respected international art event. It is visited by art professionals and art lovers from everywhere in the world. For emerging artists such as us, the opportunity to show in this context is unequaled. We feel very fortunate for having been offered such an opportunity and we are asking for your support to make this project possible. By making a donation, you are contributing to bringing our work from Montreal, Canada to Venice, Italy. Each dollar takes us closer to our destination!

Thank you very much,

Guillaume and Simon”

The pledges will help fund:

The cost of the artwork shipping to Venice and back to Canada.

Support by pledging on kickstarter here

About Guillaume Lachapelle And Simon Bilodeau


Guillaume Lachapelle and Simon Bilodeau
Guillaume Lachapelle and Simon Bilodeau


Guillaume Lachapelle was born in 1974 in Sherbrooke, Quebec.  Guillaume Lachapelle’s artistic practice is shaped predominantly by sculpture, expressed in the form of installations and detailed miniature models. Lachapelle presents playful universes which combine objects of undetermined purpose; in this way, he opens the conventions of our reality to fresh disposition. The architecture of his models – which Lachapelle has recently begun to make with the help of the latest 3-D printing technology – shows motifs originating from the everyday, certainly, but seeming strange, alienating or even uncanny when combined as the artist chooses. A kind of transition between two worlds often appears in Lachapelle’s work – for example when the model of a library filled with books curves inwards and reveals a mysterious opening pointing into darkness – these are the artist’s references to spaces and occurrences which may be concealed below the surface of outward semblance. Guillaume Lachapelle has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Canada, in the United States and in Germany. Recently, he completed a permanent commemorative sculpture in Belmont Park (the site of an amusement park that operated between 1923 and 1983), an in-situ permanent artwork at the Père-Ambroise library and has recently unveiled another public art commision at the Bibliothèque de Varennes.

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Simon Bilodeau was born in 1981 in Laval, Quebec. Simon Bilodeau displays attractive yet dark installations that unmistakably allude to consumer culture, failed ideologies, war and natural disasters. He stages a mysterious invented world devoid of color that heterogeneously assembles geometric and composite forms; juxtaposes luxurious objects with debris; and confronts anachronistic historical episodes. Inciting his audience to rethink the collective phantasmagoria and imagination, Bilodeau plunges headfirst into a post-apocalyptical aesthetic that echoes science-fiction movies, all the while remaining strongly anchored in reality. He offers a voice of dissonance and resistance against the oppression and violence of our culture of fear. Simon Bilodeau has participated in more than twenty group exhibition projects in Canada, the United States and in Europe, in addition to presenting six solo shows in six consecutive years. In 2012, he was awarded the Plein sud Fellowship (Longueuil, QC), on top of being a finalist for the SCOPE Foundation Award (SCOPE NYC).

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