Playful Photobooks with Hoxton Mini Press

“Why can’t photobooks be more playful?”

A very good question that East London publishers Hoxton Mini Press poses us! They have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund just that, a playful series of photobooks. The Mini Mini Series gives a platform to emerging photographers that have approached their subject with a bit of fun, but are still serious about photography. Help them reach their goal!

First three books in the series, ‘Bubblegum’ by Emily Stein, ‘Badly Repaired Cars’ by Ronni Campana, and ‘Hand Jobs: Life As A Hand Model’ by Oli Kellett & Alex Holder.

We love photobooks: how they feel, the way they smell.

If we could eat them up, we would.

The problem is, those seriously beautiful photobooks are sometimes…well, a little too serious. As if designed only for those in the know.

Don’t get us wrong. We collect those books too. But at the same time, there are hundreds of projects by great photographers that don’t make it into book form because the subject is not considered serious enough, or the photographer doesn’t have the funds, or heaven forbid, the work is not considered arty enough.

We want to change that.

Help us launch a series of collectable books that celebrate the best in colourful, modern photography.

The pledges will help fund: the production of the photobook series

Support by pledging on kickstarter HERE

A sneak peek into the photobooks; (left) Emily Steiner, (centre) Ronni Campana, and (right) Oli Kellet & Alex Holder.

About Hoxton Mini Press

Hoxton Mini Press is an independent publisher making collectable art books in East London. We work with the best photographers, artists and writers (both established and upcoming) to make books so beautiful you’ll keep them for your grandchildren.