If the shoe fits, it fits – Safa Sahin

© Safa Sahin

“Of course, but not to be a victim of standard fashion. Anyone who has a unique character can wear it .”

Don’t be fooled by Turkish designer Safa Sahin’s immaculate shoes…because yes, you can wear them. Starting off his artistic journey in graffiti, he started to recognise his talent for shoe designing. It was his success in competitions that inspired him to start his brand, and it was only up from there. After three years working on his label, Sahin was headhunted by Nike, and has now settled down in the US.

Fun Facts:

It takes him 4 – 10 days to create a pair of shoes

If he could design shoes for anyone it would be Icelandic singer Bjork

He was also headhunted by Adidas, Emporio Armani and and United Armour

His advice to emerging designers: They should enjoy their time as amateurs because it’s all about the journey!

©Safa Sahin

                                                 ABOUT Safa sahin

He graduated from Turkish  Shoemakers Industrialists Institute Foundation (TSIIF),  the Department of Shoe design (2008). He went on his education at the Accademia  Albertina Delle Belle di Arti ‘ on Art and Design. Moreover, he studied at Art Department of Fine Art School in Marmara University. He received his bachelor degree from the Department of Painting at Konya Selcuk University (2014). He has numerous exhibitions, paintings and shoe designs. He has founded his own brand, and now works for Nike.