Island Earth

Independent filmmaker and professional surfer Cyrus Sutton launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise ,000 to complete the filming and production of Island Earth, a documentary about the GMO debate in Hawaii.

While Island Earth explores the difficult and much-debated issues of genetic modification and experimentation on food, the film also proposes solutions through characters who are dedicated to growing and eating locally in a state that imports more than 85 percent of its food. The money raised on Kickstarter will support the completion of the film so that it may serve as a resource for those individuals working to change the ways in which we grow and consume food. The campaign ends in 5 days, hurry up!

“This documentary is about a growing movement of people who are fed up with an industrial agricultural system that is reliant upon fossil fuels and chemicals.

By sharing Hawaii’s struggle, we aim to create a film which can be used to inform and inspire people to go beyond the issues and the activism and actually participate in taking back our food supply.

In addition to the film, we are proud to be partnering with The Ecology Center to provide you with the educational resources to build community and grow the change we all want to see in the world.”

Cyrus Sutton


 Your support will help Cyrus finish shooting and pay for an editor and producer to make this film as factual, good-looking and easy to understand as possible so that it may serve as a tool for organizations working to change the ways we grow and consume food in the US and around the world.

All profits from this film will go towards supporting education and to those families who’ve been directly affected by pesticide exposure.

Support Island Earth and Cyrus Sutton by pledging on kickstarter here

About Cyrus Sutton

Cyrus Sutton photo: Matt Titone
Cyrus Sutton photo: Matt Titone

Having traveled the world as a pro surfer in my late teens, I released my first surf film “Riding Waves” at 21. In the 10 years since, I’ve been directing independent films, commercials and working with companies like Corona, Ray-Ban, Patagonia, Poler, Yakima, Leatherman, Alaska Airlines, GoPro, Reef and others. In 2006 I won an Emmy award for my writing and 16mm cinematography in a project called “Next Wave” for Fox’s Fuel TV, which showcased the indigenous knowledge of the rural Indonesian people in the wake of the historic Banda Ache tsunami. In 2009, I founded the surf/outdoor blog which now has over 500 short films on topics like DIY projects, health, and maker culture. Through the ongoing support of Reef, Leatherman and GoPro, I am now traveling the world surfing and documenting people and issues that effect the health of our planet and the resiliency of our communities.

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