Diving into colour – Karan Singh

IBM US Open Sessions

Artist and illustrator Karan Singh has always had a passion for art and design from a young age. As a kid he loved making stuff and replicating things made on TV shows like ‘art attack’. He was also drawn to computers and technology – and went on to study interaction design in Sweden while illustrating in his spare time. It was during his final year that he realized just how much he loved illustration. He began publishing his work online and eventually got his first commission for computer arts magazine.

After University he moved to Melbourne, Australia and started working for a studio called qube konstrukt where he began working as a graphic designer / illustrator. Singh now lives in Tokyo where he works as full time freelance.

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“when I have an idea and I’m constantly refining it and trying to see how I can express it in the most impactful way. I don’t know if it’s a skill as such, but rather an approach or exploration. ”

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ABOUT Karan Singh

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Karan Singh is an Australian artist and illustrator. While he studied interaction design, the self-taught artist has focused on visual arts and illustration for the past nine years, drawing inspiration from graphic design sensibilities and op-art minimalism. His bold and vibrant work is a playful interpretation of minimalism particularly focusing on depth and dimension through pattern and repetition.

His professional career has seen him based in a number of cities including New York, Malmö, Sydney, Melbourne and now Tokyo over a variety of disciplines ranging from art for IBM, animations for the band OK Go, textiles for Heineken and a typeface for The Designers Foundry.



IBM open sessions pattern – IBM was an official partner of the 2014 US open as part of this partnership they asked james murphy of LCD soundsystem to create original tracks based on data gathered from each individual match of the tournament. in turn singh was commissioned by ogilvy new york to create original pattern illustrations that would feature as the artwork for the tracks.