Lucia Fainzilber’s Wild Flowers

Yesterday, at Praxis Gallery, the exhibition “WILD FLOWERS” has opened. Wild Flowers is Lucia’s third solo exhibition in New York City, the last time we saw her work was for the sold out show Somewear.

We are back looking at Lucia Fainzilber’s images exploring the female body and dreams, the way women look at their reflection and how they approach their form.


Silverlake Photography_Lucia Fainzilber_Wild Flowers_04
© Lucia Fainzilber

Wild Flowers is a series of portraits of woman and their obsessions. I pictured the female world as different species of flowers with their own particularities. The wildness is what gives each of them its own uniqueness and the enigmatic features these exotic species possess. Each woman belongs to a different kind of flower and this peculiarity is expressed not only in the visible features but also in their way of relating to femininity.

Obsessions are usually associated with disorders, persistent ideas and possessiveness, I want to break this relationship allowing ourselves to reconcile with our essence as something that belongs to us. As a woman I am still curious about this universe, how we relate to each other and the peculiarity of each species. Although we may look familiar each of us holds a mystery in our own nature, color, structure and scent. Despite our special and unique features, we are all part of a beautiful garden, which represents the women’s world and our relationship through friendship, sisterhood and motherhood. I want to explore this universe where there is strength, care, love, protection, loyalty and admiration through my own obsession, which is color. I look at the world through color: as a pattern, as an emotion, as something that creates beauty. I chose red because it depicts sensuality, blood, life and love. But this red changes, evolves and progresses just like us. We live through cycles like seasons do, which allow us to constantly revolve and evolve, while experiencing contact with your bodies and passions. As a flower, we bloom and we fade, carrying our experience as the best slice of each petal.

– Lucia Fainzilber –

Silverlake Photography_Lucia Fainzilber_Wild Flowers_02
© Lucia Fainzilber


About Lucia Fainzilber


From Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a Fashion photographer and Art Director. I’ve attended Film School where I graduated in Art Direction. Afterwards I worked in post-production, color correcting many national and international films. This was my first approach to color, which became an essential ingredient for my work. In 2010, I applied to a One Year Certificate Program at The International Center of Photography and moved to New York where I have been living since, working for various photographers as well as shooting my own editorial work and campaigns. Photography is where all my influences converge giving my private world a voice which is expressed through all the images I create.


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