Mad City Blues & Pepe Rubio Larrauri


Pepe has spent six months in Perù to produce these amazing videos for  MAD CITY BLUES TV. He filmed “Chasquis” in the Andes mountains, “Semilla en la Selva” in the jungle and “Agua, cerros y acordes” was shot in the outskirts of Lima. He managed to shoot in all the different ecosystems that Peru has, to understand the water related issues that the country, and all of us really, are facing right now. Pepe worked on script, sound and photography for this project with his girlfriend, Laura Leòn and they say they will remember this experience forever.

“I can’t tell you how many kilometers we drove for, the roads were so bad that we measured the distance in days… basically it was from 2 to 3 days to make each trip.”

The footage is visually stunning while the story narrated is daunting and scary. This three videos show you a different prospective to the world water crisis through the words of teenagers. The videos are part of the campaign “EDUCA TU MONDO” launched by the spanish foundation “FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE”. One of their goals is environmental education on the young generation.

©Mad City Blues
©Mad City Blues

The main difficulty for Pepe and Laura was to find 3 teenage characters that could tell the story. They looked for activists in NGOs t, they found them and they were helpful and patience enough to take them around and sit for many interviews introducing them to everybody in their villages.

“We met a lot of people, the good thing about shooting in small towns is that everybody knows everybody and they were all willing to help. Our methodology was to start asking the owners of the guest house that we were staying in if he knew somebody that could help on telling this story and he forwarded us to 5 people, each of those five forwarded us to another 5”

“This experience was at the same time stressful and beautiful. We worked for 6 months straight in Peru, not even a day for holiday. First month in Lima trying to buy a car and investigating were we could find the stories, meeting with ngos, etc… then 3 and a half months shooting. 3 different stories and only one month to get as much info as possible and meet as many people as possible. In the end 1 month and a to edit and try to make the dead line which was january 2014. I am still assimilating the craziness of those months and still suffering the hangover of that intensity. But, It was probably it was one of the best adventures of my life.” Says Pepe.


Benjamin Morales, the glaciologist we interviewed is one of those people that I say

“I want to be like you”

Pepe Rubio Larrauri
Pepe Rubio Larrauri

“It was probably it was one of the best adventures of my life.”

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