Intùiti – Matteo di Pascale


I’m a multidisciplinary designer. I studied Communication Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan, then worked as a copywriter, designer and art director in agencies of Milan, Amsterdam and Turin. In the last years I co-founded two startups, designed the “Intùiti Creative Cards” and produced it through the international platform




Hi Matteo, where are you based now?

I’m in Turin.

You moved to Amsterdam from Milan to pursue your career in Design, what is the biggest difference you’ve found between the two city as a young creative?

In Milan I was not satisfied with my job, and it occurred to be a slow process to change it (no answers to CVs, no immediate opportunities). When I arrived in Amsterdam, within 1 week I had 4 offers. It’s quite good for your mood when you’re young!

When did you have the idea for Intuiti? Were you struggling to find inspiration on a project?

I was in University, everybody was telling me things about Creativity… but I didn’t find the environment creative at all. So I tried a to make a solution, at least to remember that Creativity is not something you just force with a brainstorming.

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Did you know anything about Tarots card before you started to develop Intuiti?

Of course. I bought the first deck when I was 7.

“Creativity is not something you just force with a brainstorming.”




Ok so, how does it work?

Intùiti gives you pointed suggestions, built from the archetypes of the classic tarots. Each card is a powerful incentive which can help you developing a process of “lateral thinking”. It’s more about feeling what you can create, instead of forcing it.


Yours is a success story from crowd-funding, you actually raised more than 3 times your goal! How far did you come after you started the company?

I distributed more than 2,000 packs of Intùiti all over the world. And built the related smartphone app. I’m setting up now the product system for the Italian market, planning the European one for the next months.

Do you see Intuiti developing in something else? On a bigger scale?

It could be. Intùiti could become a tool for companies: in that case it would be necessary to build a format of lessons. Or also: I’m thinking about simplifying it for children.

What are you working on at the moment? Do you focus 100% on Intuiti or are you following different projects in the meantime?

I’d like to focus 100% on it for at least some months. But it’s always difficult to do just one thing. I’m working in Arc (Leo Burnett) fulltime. Plus: I have other projects and a novel just started…


You’re working at ARC agency now as well….again, how many hours does your day have?

Let’s just say I’d like to have 30-hour days to sleep a little more : )

Where are you off to after the interview?


If I ask you what is an image you’ve seen that stuck with you, does anything come to mind? Can you still picture it if you close your eyes?


This is Matteo