“Metrolution” for the Roman Metro line

Joshua Ryan McCann launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $60,000 to create a new medium of communication and entertainment for the Metro of Rome.

The Metrolution goal is turning dark dirty tunnel walls into a futuristic form of entertainment. The idea is simple but ingenious: the advertising is printed in sequence on different billboards. With the train passing the result is a video for the delight of the train passengers.

The campaign ends in 30 days, hurry up!


“We clearly need to offer this service to sponsors and advertisers in order to finance the cost of the technology itself as well as the operational and maintenance requirements…  

… Without this support we would be required to hand over control of the business to a large media company who would exploit this system of communication for strictly advertising and political gain…

We will instead utilize this technology to speak with the public… Our goal is to dedicate at least 40% to 50%  of the videos uploaded to the installation for; promoting messages of equality and supporting our environment, for educational purposes as well as for entertainment, for artistic demonstrations and to send everyday messages promoting the country, its people and our future… “

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About Joshua and metrolution

It all started back in 2008 during my vacation in Rome…3 years later I founded Metrolution. In 2013 we formed a collaboration with Submedia based in NYC, obtaining the exclusive license and patent rights to utilize the In-Tunnel Advertising Technology. There after, I returned to Italy and established my business. We negotiated terms and conditions with the public underground transportation authorities and were rewarded a contract to operate non conventional communications in Rome. 

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