Wizards behind the curtain – Mike Leavitt

King Cuts © Mike Leavitt

Most of Leavitt’s hand-carved wooden film directors become strange hybrids between human and fantasy, emphasising the power of film to conjure up the imagination and create fantastical worlds. At the same time, the faces are realistic portrayals of the directors and stay clear of satire. Many of these directors are undoubtedly consumed by there work and in Leavitt’s work they become one, their bodies taken over by their characters.

With each of his King Cuts sculptures comes a little story about the director and their work, it reveals more about the director and alludes to the characters that are part of the sculpture. Take for example this one about Miyazaki; “Hayao Miyazaki is a quiet forest spirit. He serves Princess Mononoke well. His signature apron is a ghostly shroud. It protects him from getting Spirited Away by a river dragon with no face. Luckily the loyal Totoro sits atop his back. The legs of Howl’s Moving Castle can only carry him so far.”

“You know that person’s work. It’s the face behind the mask, the person behind the camera, the wizard behind the curtain.”

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About Mike leavitt

This is pop art with soul. American visual artist Mike Leavitt, aka ‘ReMike’, founded The HiPop (“hai-pop”) Project to marry high and low with consumer satire projects. His process of making and re-making objects includes painting, sculpture, product design and product parody. Since quitting Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute as a freshman with a 4.0 GPA in 1997 he’s executed over 122 exhibitions around the world.