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Born in China, Min Wu graduated from London College of Fashion in 2013 with a Masters in womenswear. Wu was one of ten students on the MA course whose work was selected to be shown at the LCF MA showcase held at the Royal Opera House as part of London Fashion Week.

In February 2014, after graduating with an MA, Wu’s first collection was presented in Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week. Her AW14 collection, has featured in the media including Hunger TV, Tank Magazine, Dash Magazine, Another Magazine and ELLE China.
Wu has gained much success during her career as well as showcasing in the Fashion Scout ONES TO WATCH programme.





What was the first garment you’ve ever designed?

Can’t really remember but I remember the first ever shirt I made, just change the fabric and the combination of the bottom made it looks so different than others.

How was being part of Fashion Scout “ONE TO WATCH”? What was the best moment of it?

Many designers that in admire came from “ONES TO WATCH”, it means a lot for me. I love work with the whole “ONES TO WATCH” team, it was really inspiring and I learnt a lot from that.

What was the inspiration behind your latest collection?

The definition of a human being and the role humans playing in today’s digital era was the starting point to the development of Wu’s SS15 collection. In the past, a technology free life was a simple life, but today with surveillance cameras and advertising, humans are constantly being brainwashed and sadly, are losing their uniqueness and individuality. What does the future of this technology driven world hold? Will we all be clones of ourselves?

To a further extent, the realness of “one” will be different if a part has been “detached” then “reattached”. If a piece of cloth is cut in half and then reattached to its original form, has a new object been created or is it still the same piece before the cut was made? Is it the same as before or has a new piece formed? Taking in to consideration the above, Wu continues to explore the original beauty that is born from the deliberate combination of functional materials, with particular emphasis on technology and the reflection of this in the world today. With advanced technology surrounding us, humans are able to experience and see things from all over the world without being present.

Designed with an intellectual modern woman in mind, Wu sees the world of fashion through a prism, colourful yet crystal clear. Wu’s staple aesthetic is to incorporate textures and fluidity in to her work and then layering shapes to create a strong visual contrast. The unique combination of unusual materials gives an ethereal sense to the collection, bringing together lightness and an air of serenity and elegance.

“Wu sees the world of fashion through a prism, colourful yet crystal clear”

Min Wu
© Min Wu SS15
© Min Wu SS15


Do you see your collections as a design progression or does your concept change from one collection to the other?

I start with a very conceptual idea, and start sampling and develop from that. As soon as it come to fit my beauty philosophy, doesn’t matter what comes out at the end.

What are you working on now? Did we hear something about bridal wear?…

Haha, just finished the first wedding dress for my best friend, we are working on the next collection. Also the AW15 and a special collection with Chinese new year.

You once said you collect striking images you see everyday on your desk…what is the latest you’ve put on a side?

A picture that I took in the studio of the refection of the sunshine on my scissors. Just to remember the sunshine in the winter.

Morning sunshine #backtostudio#

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If you didn’t follow your dream of becoming a fashion designer, what would you be doing right now?

I had a choice to study film , so maybe a film director? I just like the process of design and make simple ideas come true, so I think anything related to the creative industry.

What is the best thing about London?

You never get bored of it.

Does fashion influence how you see the world? How?

As we are very like much a “visual animal” so maybe I often find out the beauty inside of normal life, which is even better.

What are you up to after the interview?

We are preparing the Christmas pop up shop in the hackney shop! Please come over to see us if you have time:)

Here the Facebook invite to the Christmas pop up shop!
December 15 – December 23

©Min Wu AW14