Noa Raviv – Fashion in 3D


Noa Raviv was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel – one of the most culturally complex cities in the world, saturated with a vivacious passion for life. Construction, logic and geometry form her world of creation, fueling a fascination with the tension between harmony and chaos, tradition and innovation, always seeking for the perfect balance. The 26 years old designer  recently graduated from Shenkar College of engineering and design, receiving the Fini Leitersdorf excellence award for her graduate collection. This award (in memory of fashion designer Fini Leitersdorf), is given only to one graduate each year, based on a display of creativity and originality in design.





Hello Noa! Where are you writing from?

Hi! I’m writing from my home at Tel Aviv, where I’m currently based.

When did you start being interested in 3D printing?

I read a lot about it and about one and a half years ago I started learning Rhino (a 3D software).

What was your inspiration when you conceived “Hard Copy”?

Classical sculpture and its evolution were the point of departure for creating my collection. Classical Greek sculptures once represented an ideal of beauty. It was copied and reproduced many times throughout history until it became an empty repetition of style and expression.

We live in a culture where everything is replicated, so what is the value of an original object?

I have deliberately created defective digital images with 3D software. Deformed objects that were created by a command that the software is not able to execute. These objects cannot be printed, not produced in reality. They exist only in the virtual space. The tension between the real and the virtual, between 2D and 3D inspired me to create this collection.

Does your cultural background influenced you in this project?

Of course, where I come from affects my personality and the designer I am, but I don’t think it had a direct influence on this project.

Do you think 3D printing will have a big role in fashion in the future?

I sure hope so.


My collection on the runaway at the HTC Double Exposure event today! Super exciting!

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What’s next? Will you be looking at producing your line?

I think that is too soon to tell.

What was the biggest challenge with this project?

While creating my collection I faced many challenges. From developing my own textiles to creating the files for 3D printing, I worked on many things that were relatively new to me and new things are never easy.
I worked super hard to make it look as perfect as possible and of course it was a lot of fun and very exciting too. I was very lucky to have the chance to collaborate with Stratasys, one of the largest manufacturers of 3D printers in the world, and they produced the 3D printed parts for the collection.

The play between the tridimensional identity and bidimensional perception of the pieces is incredibly effective. Was this aspect part of the concept of the line?

Of course! I’m glad you think it worked.

“I worked on many things that were relatively new to me and new things are never easy.” 

Noa Raviv
Noa Raviv Graduate Collection ©Ron Kedmi