OMTURA S/S 16 is here

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We follow up with OMTURA and its head designer Anton Edelshtein. Today we look at their latest SS 16 Campaign Shoot, every decisions about this project was very much thought through, nothing was left to chance, Always BOLD and STRONG as their creations…

OMTURA continues its evolution this coming Spring-Summer 2016 season by adding exciting feminine models to its collection. These shapes add a new dimension to the existing rough- minimalistic aesthetic of OMTURA’s unique style.

For this season’s campaign Anton Edelshtein, OMTURA’s head designer, searched for a model that embodies the brand – a real, powerful woman that is true to herself, with an interesting personality and life story.
The model he chose, Yam Matoki,  inspired him with her authenticity, intelligence and personal strength despite her physical disabilities.


The campaign is an extension of the collection, another angle of OMTURA’s aesthetic. With high-contrast and geometrical shapes – the shoot tells a story of a developing intensity between two people.


CREDITS: Photography: Marina Moshkovich Chris Models: Yam Matoki, Nir Kain Assistant: Nadav Kain


Anton sketching
Anton sketching

I was born in an Eastern peninsula in Russia surrounded by the ocean and an amazing view. When I was 6 we moved to the Ukraine (Kiev) to join my grandparents. At the age of 15, after realizing I needed a drastic change of scenery, I decided to move alone and continue my life in Tel-Aviv, Israel. I went on to study in the “Shenkar – Engineering. Design. Art” college, mastering in textile design, where I graduated with honors. In 2012 I came up with the idea of OMTURA which grew and evolved into what you see before you today.



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