Michael Madsen from Tame Life Blog features the work of painter Paul Seftel.

Video, photos and text by Michael Madsen / Tame Life

Paul Seftel ©Michael Madsen

The first time I saw one of Paul Seftel’s paintings I was instantly  pulled in from the immense amount of detail and texture. You begin to feel the magnetism realizing there is energy breathing within these paintings.   Natural designs that in some way captures the creation of life and giving you an understanding of how the world was formed.  I had the amazing privilege of documenting Paul for several months while he brought to life some ofthese unique wonders.

Witnessing layer upon layer of minerals, stones, and pigments washing over one another was like observing the planets water cycle in action.  By simply tilting the canvas, Paul uses gravity to help blend and erode the dozens of layers together over the period of sometimes months. Rocks, rivers, lakes, canyons, mountains, formations, earths, skies, galaxies, and energy is in each of these works.  As you move around the painting new hues of color and designs begin to reveal themselves, the shifting light glimmers off of the glossy stone minerals.  It is a painting that will be ever changing.  I’ve never seen anything like it.

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