Postcards from Milan

Vanke China Pavilion, by Daniel Libeskind

This year the Universal Exhibition settled in Milan, under the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, and will be coming to a close October 31st.

Ramiro Colinet shares with us a visual diary of his visit.


ph. © Ramiro Colinet 2015

Italian Pavilion, ‘Albero della Vita’ or ‘Tree of Life’. Design by Marco Balich
Italian Pavilion, ‘Palazzo Italia’ by Nemesi & Partners Srl.
Russia Pavilion, by SPEECH Architectural Office led by Sergei Tchoban
Japan Pavilion by Atsushi kitagawara
United Arab Emirates Pavilion, by Sir. Norman Foster
Vanke China Pavilion, inspired in by a dragon, by Daniel Libeskind
UK pavilion based on beehive, by Wolfgang Buttress