Protestify® launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise ,000 to innovate and develop its platform. They aim to build an archive of images taken by “citizen journalists” that share moments of protests. Photographs that will be accessed by members and the press to then be divulged more easily.

The Protestify motto is

Innovating Citizen Journalism. Disrupting Visual News through Microstock and Data Visualization.

This project wants to amplify the voices of protesters through visuals, a large portion of whom are unemployed youth all around the world, risking their lives for social justice. The campaign ends in 13 days, help it move forward! 

Protestify® and its founder Christina

“Protestify frees journalists from the manual and uncertain process of finding breaking news through social media by organizing and curating public protest news.”

“Protestify will give you visuals where you can see people all over the world campaigning for a better social, economic, and political future.”

“We now have over 13 million visuals of protests posted on social media stored in our database, which our system automatically tracks and displays. These are growing at more than 42 thousand visual uploads per day and 1.25 million per month. With this protest data, we now offer supreme data and an innovative way of viewing news content.”

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About protestify®

We have been working on PROTESTIFY for the past two years at Columbia University. We are now based out of Columbia’s Startup Lab, and finished from Columbia’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program. Diving into policy, business, activism, data visualization and high technology we have made PROTESTIFY a reality. We have taken our passion for free press, youth unemployment, social movements and the future of visualization to name a few, to revolutionize citizen journalism. Our team works tirelessly, making use of the available resources to make this happen for those protesting under chaotic conditions and dire time constraints desperate to share their news. Our generation is a visual generation, eager to keep up with current affairs and interested in looking at more than cat videos.

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