Welcome back!


Here we are! We apologise for the silence, but we used the time wisely to research new amazing artists from around the world and to organise our blog, and make it better than ever.

This week we want to launch the blog with the best of Voice from last year. From next week onwards we will start with our brand new calendar, posting a feature on Monday, an Interview on Wednesday and one of our Regulars on Friday. We have thought a lot about our regulars, and have introduced new features including the Kickstarter regulars and three new entries : A monthly playlist with the best emerging musicians, a follow up from artists we previously interviewed and a monthly calendar showing the best emerging art shows from around the world.

We are working on Voice with same passion we had in the very beginning, to show you the most interesting talents and we hope you will enjoy the new material coming your way!

New artists are waiting for you!
Thank you!

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