SOMEWEAR – by Lucia Fainzilber

We’ve followed up with Lucia Fainzilber, an artist we’ve interviewed in September, in New York. At Praxis Gallery, last Thursday, the exhibition “SOMEWEAR” opened.

Fashion photographer Lucia Fainzilber explores the role of the fabric we cover ourselves with everyday with her latest work.
Are clothes something we use to hide what’s behind them, are they part of ourselves, part of our identity, or do we use them just to fit in?
The color is always protagonist in her work; it’s what demands us to get closer and explore in detail. It’s a series of self-portraits, eventhough the person standing in front of the camera could be anyone, it could be a mirror in fact, looking back at us, showing us how difficult (or easy?) it could be to really blend in…

© Lucia Fainzilber


“Somewear is a series of self -portraits, which struggle with the idea of identity. Setting my body in front of the camera has been a way of looking myself in another way, trying to answer all those questions about who we really are. Society, family and the generation we live in, make this journey even harder. We camouflage as animals do or even soldiers, in order to survive. It’s our way of being inside a system. Its like a game, if it fits, your vision can be deceived creating almost an optical illusion. Is it possible to isolate our more pure self to everything that it’s attached to us? Somewhere we can find these answers or not. Maybe the real answer is to learn how to live with this but not forgetting to look inside.”

– Lucia Fainzilber –

© Lucia Fainzilber

About Lucia Fainzilber


From Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a Fashion photographer and Art Director. I’ve attended Film School where I graduated in Art Direction. Afterwards I worked in post-production, color correcting many national and international films. This was my first approach to color, which became an essential ingredient for my work. In 2010, I applied to a One Year Certificate Program at The International Center of Photography and moved to New York where I have been living since, working for various photographers as well as shooting my own editorial work and campaigns. Photography is where all my influences converge giving my private world a voice which is expressed through all the images I create.


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