SPRAWL Grad Show 2015

SPRAWL is The Arts University Bournemouth’s BA (Hons) Photography graduation show,
taking place at The Old Truman Brewery, London.


The show will be open to the public between 27th-29th June 2015.

SPRAWL is a non-profit collective of 40 emerging artists and photographers working in a broad range of lens-based media. Having responded creatively to The Arts University Bournemouth’s reputable photography programme, they are ready to produce their final degree show next summer. SPRAWL Grad Show really is the beginning of a very exciting journey into professional and contemporary art practice.



“SPRAWL is an incredibly ambitious and exciting venture for us and we know it’s going to be a huge success. Every member of SPRAWL is working unbelievably hard behind the scenes on the pre-production of the show and we hope this venture excites you as much as it does us. Were passionate about our craft we aim to create an extraordinary graduate show that will launch us all indefinitely into professional practice.”

The pledges will help fund:

This Kickstarter campaign is predominantly to fund the venue: The Old Truman Brewery in London.

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The Artists are:

Adam Roberts, Alice Collins, Arti Mistry, Bradley Polkinghorne, Briana White, Caitlin Chescoe, Chante-Sarah De-Terville , Charlotte Nott-Macaire, Eleanor Hones, Elena Cremona, Elizabeth Willis, Emily Marsh, Hannah Ford, Harriet Watkinson, Harry Carter, Haydn Nuttall, Holly Hennessy, Isobel Taylor, Jade Morland-Austin, Jessica Barclay, Joana Picolo De Sousa, Jonny O’neill, Julio Del Castillo Vivero, Kamila Fiedorowicz, Kiran Tasneem, Liberty Feist, Lola Thomas, Luisa Avietti, Madelaine Beeson, Martin Griffiths, Megan Hood, Nancy Biscoe, Nathaniel Reeks, Oscar Woodruff, Rose Lavinia Mordaunt, Sam Cooper, Samantha Robbins, Samuel Barry, Satoshi Nishina, Selina Weich, Stacy Smith, Zdravko Dimitrov

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Cover image “The Old Truman Brewery” by Secret Pilgrim