Victor Enrich

NHDK 2013 © Victor Enrich

Victor Enrich’s work is a constant manifest about one same subject: the City.

Through digital image manipulation, subtraction and addition Victor works blurs the line between reality and dream.

“In cities, most spaces are achieved only by replication, thus maximizing the sublime contradiction of imitation as a source of creation. Knowing this ruthless law, Enrich sets himself the duty to witness the gravity of the urban soul while it changes from an understood shape into an intellectual experiment , always through a permeable decay towards the assumption of the volume, expelling newborn shapes as if they were already elderly.”

In 2006 he started the series “City Portraits”, using photography as first approach to the building and its surrounding, Victor familiarises with the architecture to then express through his work what he took from that experience and relationship.

"Medusa" & "Opera" from "City Portraits" Series © Victor Enrich
“Medusa” & “Opera” from “City Portraits” Series © Victor Enrich

About Victor Enrich


© Victor Enrich
© Victor Enrich

Born in Barcelona, in 1976.

When Victor was a kid he spent of the time playing at home, racing with his toy cars. Those tracks were all over the house, including his bedroom, the corridor and the sitting room. With the years he found out that this was his first step into understanding the space from a different perspective, not as a simple user but maybe as a designer.

During the third year of college Victor started to work as a freelance for several architects making 3D Renderings. For several years he kept on studying and working, but decided to drop the studies because he hadn’t enough time to manage his own company. In 2006, it reached the top of its size, with about 20 employees, in Barcelona and in Brazil.

The company, however, never had been his dream. Somehow working hard dragged him to even work more and more. With time, he lost passion for it, and in 2007,  stepped out of his own company and  started a trip that lasted several years and that brought him to countries such as Latvia, Israel or Germany.

It has been during these long years when giving more space to the artistic side of him was actually possible, a process only able to be understood as an attempt to reconnect himself with the child that he used to be.