Cultural Contradiction in Colombia: Victor Enrich

“Rafael Uribe Uribe Existe” (“R.U.U.E.”) is a photographic project, the conception of which emerges from the direct observation of a urban area located few miles south from Bogota?’s downtown, Rafael Uribe Uribe, which was named after an important Colombian liberal leader of the turn of the XIX and XX centuries).
This urban conglomerate spreads over plains and hills, being the latter ones where the living conditions are the worst, due to the poor quality of the self constructed housing made by the last people to arrive and, as well, due to the instability of the soil. Paradoxically, the proximity of these areas to the nearby mountains, a 11,000+ feet high range, belonging to the Andes chain, makes the air much more breathable than in any other location inside the metropolis, all this while one gets immersed in a pleasant quietness.
The first impression when first stepping on the site, is to be facing a very lively place, but full of contradictions. Contradictions that affect many aspects of the everyday life, being all of them very visually appealing to the eyes of a photographer.

The intervention had to bring the city of Rafael Uribe Uribe, and its internal dynamics, to a central point of debate, as a representative of many suburban structures of Latin American cities, and this could only be achieved by breaking the Aristotelian law of contraries, where two objects from different kinds “apparently” can’t coexist in the same subject.

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                                                 ABOUT Victor Enrich

© Victor Enrich

Born in Barcelona, in 1976.

When Victor was a kid he spent of the time playing at home, racing with his toy cars. Those tracks were all over the house, including his bedroom, the corridor and the sitting room. With the years he found out that this was his first step into understanding the space from a different perspective, not as a simple user but maybe as a designer.

During the third year of college Victor started to work as a freelance for several architects making 3D Renderings. For several years he kept on studying and working, but decided to drop the studies because he hadn’t enough time to manage his own company. In 2006, it reached the top of its size, with about 20 employees, in Barcelona and in Brazil.

The company, however, never had been his dream. Somehow working hard dragged him to even work more and more. With time, he lost passion for it, and in 2007,  stepped out of his own company and  started a trip that lasted several years and that brought him to countries such as Latvia, Israel or Germany.

It has been during these long years when giving more space to the artistic side of him was actually possible, a process only able to be understood as an attempt to reconnect himself with the child that he used to be.


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