Lov(n)ely – Verena Smit

Taken from Lovely © Verena Smit

“a nostalgic and poetic tale of farewell to places and friends”

Inside my book “Lovely”. To buy it just click the link on my profile.

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Influenced by her time in NYC, Brazilian photographer Verena Smit launched her first book Lovely last year.
The images were shot during her last year living in New York and the 22 black and white images together build a nostalgic and poetic tale of farewell to places and friends.

Lov(n)ely is also the start of Verena’s work combining words and photographs and her fantastic playing with words.
These images have made her popular on Instagram and got the attention of Gucci, for their Guccigram project.

You can order her book HERE

I You © Verena Smit
From Lovely © Verena Smit

ABOUT Verena smit


Verena Smit is a Brazilian visual artist, based in São Paulo. She earned two Bachelor of Arts, in Cinema and Photography and most recently a Certification from the International Center of Photography in New York.