Nevercrew: Street Art in 3D


Nevercrew have worked on a large scale and used many different mediums, right from the beginning of their career in the mid-90’s. Although the majority of their work is in the form of mural paintings, which have appeared on buildings all over the world, they have also created two-dimensional and three-dimensional sculptures and installations.

The issues they explore in all their work is centered on the concern with the human condition : the relationship between mankind and nature, and the current economic and social systems which have had a destructive effect on our surroundings. A polar bear whose bottom half is caked in black oil. A whale wrapped in striped fabric: a pseudo straightjacket. This is the mess climate change leaves behind, the things we know are happening but often don’t have the opportunity to see with our own eyes or act on. They express this concern through the subjects in their work which they refer to as mechanisms. Many of their projects directly address mankind’s contemporary connection to nature, which they view as a relationship of necessity and belonging, as well as one of consumption and appropriation. Nevercrew hopes their work creates a dialogue between artist and viewer, placing the dire issues plaguing our natural world at center stage.

“Explorer Idea n1 and n2” – Indoor mural artworks for the new Facebook spaces in Dublin. ©Nevercrew

                                                 ABOUT nervercrew

Paolo Togni and Christian Rebecchi

Pablo Togni was born on 29th September 1979 in Bellinzona, Switzerland. Christian Rebecchi was born on 20th December 1980 in Lugano, Switzerland. Both attended the Art School in Lugano (Liceo Artistico C.S.I.A.) and the Painting Course of Professor Nicola Salvatore at the Brera Art Academy in Milan (Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera), graduating in 2005.

They started working together in 1996 when they gave life to the artistic duo NEVERCREW. They have gained significant notoriety within the street art scene (which at that time was still seen only under the name of “graffiti”) and have distinguished themselves through the use of a more pictorial approach and by introducing other mediums such as sculpture, illustration, photography and video. Nevercrew began their career by painting all over the south of Switzerland.

After graduating and deciding to continue as independent artists, they decided to combine their experience and the attitude of street art with the expressive research done in the  Accademia.