Ignite by Daniel Barreto

Ignite © Daniel Barreto

Using his work to reconnect with nature, Daniel Barreto created a beautiful stop-motion video of lights dancing in the woods. The video is composed completely of long exposure photographs at night made with LED lights, which were later pieced together. The dancing LEDs, bouncing around between the trees, are a fun way of looking at nature and redress our relationship with our environment. They seem out of place in the woods, these technological manifestations, and reflect the interactions between humans and nature. Although most of his art is digitally created, he still uses traditional mediums, bringing the two together to create his vision. Daniel himself says he aims to “express complexity with simplicity.”

What I try to do is use technology to create representations of imagery found in nature.”


Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Daniel Barreto moved to Boston to study at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. After completing his studies, he stayed in Boston and is currently working as a freelance artist.