Mechanic Micro-Tales: Molistudio – Endless

Anybody There - 'Endless' © Molistudio

“We would decontextualize activities from our ordinary life and turn them into metaphorical, somehow ambiguous, endless micro-tales.”

When Anybody There approached Molistudio to direct the video for their first single Endless, they gave the creative team complete freedom. Molistudio decided to take this freedom and turn Endless into a bit of a personal project.

Using the title as starting point, they expanded a “never-ending search for love” to the daily routines that dominate our life;

“Although the lyrics describe a frustrating love story – or a never-ending search for love – we felt we could broaden the concept and elaborate something around the idea of ‘seeking and not finding’, and how that search is the engine of our actions in everyday life. We also found attractive the fact that some of these actions are often repeated almost unconsciously, in a robotized way, transforming our routines in an infinite, endless loop.”

Looking at the video, one can see how these absurd robots caught up in their endless cycles, are recognizable snippet of our slightly mundane daily routines.

Not only did they conjure up these hard-at-work robots, they spent months researching the mechanism behind them, so that they could actually work in real life, albeit after “a few tweaks”.


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